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Truck drivers must meet a higher standard in DUI cases

Whether you wanted to see the country or make short trips within Massachusetts in order to be home every night, your love of driving may have drawn you to numerous professions that allow you to indulge that passion. You obtained a commercial driver's license, and now, being behind the wheel most of your workday is a way of life for you.

Multi-vehicle wreck leads to OUI charges

An accident from which the driver responsible tried to fee has led to the recent arrest of a Massachusetts man. Police filed multiple OUI charges against the driver believed to be responsible for striking multiple vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. The driver was not injured in the wreck.

Police charge Massachusetts man with 4th DUI

Multiple drunk driving arrests can have serious criminal consequences for drivers. The potential jail time and associated fines typically increase with each DUI conviction, and defendants usually stand to lose their driving privileges for long periods of time. A Massachusetts man was recently arrested for what police said was his fourth drunk driving offense.

Bill would change punishment for first-time OUI offenders

Operating-under-the-influence convictions can have serious implications. Currently, Massachusetts state law requires that people with at least two previous OUI convictions install an ignition interlock device on their vehicle. These devices act as Breathalyzers and prevent drivers from turning on their vehicle if any alcohol is detected. If a new bill passes, first-time OUI offenders would have to install IIDs on their cars.

Bumper left at scene of crash leads to OUI/DWI charges

Massachusetts police claim that they were easily able to track down a hit-and-run driver after he left part of his vehicle at the scene of the accident -- his bumper and license plate. The young man was later arrested and now faces OUI/DWI charges. He is also accused of leaving a crash scene and negligent driving.

OUI/DWI charges might be affected by Breathalyzer cover-up

Drivers suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol are often asked to submit to Breathalyzer tests. These are used to determine a person's blood-alcohol content, which can then be used as evidence regarding OUI/DWI charges. However, these devices are not infallible and must be calibrated correctly to be effective.

Keep driving privileges after OUI/DWI with Cinderella license

A drunk driving arrest is an incredibly stressful life experience. Not only must people deal with the potential legal outcome of their arrest and the related fines, but most go on to lose their driving privileges for a period. A Cinderella license could keep you behind the wheel even after an OUI/DWI arrest.

OUI and DWI questions: Should you take a breath test?

Being stopped by a Massachusetts police officer can be stressful and nerve wracking. You may believe that things will go easier the more compliant you are, but that may not always be the case. While you should always be courteous and non-confrontational, you do not have to comply with every request an officer makes. For instance, if you are suspected of OUI and DWI, you do not necessarily need to submit to a breath test.

The sobering facts about traffic stop field tests

Nothing ruins a nice evening out more than getting pulled over by Massachusetts police on your way home. If you're lucky, you might get away with a warning from the officer to slow down; if you're not so lucky, you might hear six words most motorists dread: Please step out of the vehicle. That's typically a real game changer, especially if you consumed alcohol at some point earlier on. If your next moments are comprised of field sobriety tests, you might be in for more trouble.

How OUI can affect the life of a Massachusetts resident

In the absence of other circumstances, a first-offense charge for operating under the influence is a misdemeanor. This often leads to many people failing to give the charge the attention it deserves. Even a misdemeanor OUI charge can significantly affect the life of a Massachusetts resident.

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