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Divorce stress can wreck your health and wellness

For Massachusetts residents preparing to bring their marriage to a close, it's important to understand the impact that such a big life change can have on health and wellness. Divorce can be stressful, and any significant change can lead to unhealthy choices, even if they aren't made on a conscious level. Avoiding health issues requires some preplanning.

Real estate likely to factor into Matt Lauer's divorce

Many Massachusetts readers have followed the career of NBC's "Today" host Matt Lauer. In recent months, Lauer has made headlines not for his professional life, but for his personal life. After allegations of sexual misconduct within the workplace, Lauer was fired from his position at NBC. Shortly thereafter his wife, Annette Roque, filed for divorce. Now, many fans will watch as the couple negotiates a settlement that will include a significant volume of wealth as well as multiple real estate holdings.

How the British regard royal marriage and divorce

The marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has received a great deal of attention in Massachusetts and around the world. All royal weddings are significant, but the fact that Harry is marrying a women who has been through divorce marks a new approach to how the British monarchy considers issues of love and marriage. A recently published article looks at the historical underpinnings of the issue of remarriage after divorce. 

Jesse Jackson Jr. and wife settle high asset divorce case

Some Massachusetts readers will recall the divorce drama between former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Sandi Jackson. The two have made headlines over the past two years as they struggled to come to terms with how to divide their wealth. The couple recently settled their high asset divorce case, but not after spending a great deal of time and resources fighting things out. 

Certain steps must be taken once divorce is finalized

Although going through a marital breakup in Massachusetts can certainly be challenging, reaching the end of process may be just as challenging, if not more. Why? An overwhelming feeling about the future can quickly settle once the months of divorce-related anger, frustration, heartache, deadlines, paperwork and negotiation are over. However, a few tips may help with navigating life following a divorce.

Not crazy about making alimony payments? Make it in a lump sum

If you are the higher-earning spouse in your marriage and choose to get divorced, you may end up having to pay alimony to your future ex-spouse. Alimony is the money paid to financially support a former spouse for a certain period of time following the divorce.

The risk associated with a high asset divorce

No matter the income bracket, divorce can be challenging for all those involved. It can be even more unnerving when significant assets are at stake. Massachusetts couples approaching the divorce process should be aware of the case complexity and the emotional roller coaster that often comes with the territory.

Is your business divorce-proof?

If you own a business, you are probably used to preparing for contingencies. You may have alternate plans for bad weather, sick employees or insufficient supplies. You may even carry insurance against injuries, accidents and lawsuits. However, one thing you may not have planned for is divorce.

Divorce and hidden assets

Divorce cases can get extremely ugly when a soon-to-be ex has been hiding assets. When a marriage is unraveling, some spouses will do whatever it takes to hide their money regardless of the repercussions. Massachusetts' spouses should be aware of any methods or resources that could potentially be used to discover any hidden assets.

What does tax reform mean for the future of alimony?

When Massachusetts couples divorce, one of the main concerns on both sides is money. Finances and child custody are the two most hotly contested issues when a marriage is over, and couples often worry about their security and stability after the process is final. One of the specific financial issues that affect some couples is spousal support.

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