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Search warrant for drug crimes will issue upon probable cause

The police in Massachusetts must have probable cause to obtain a search warrant to search for drugs in someone's residence. The main investigating officer will usually fill out an affidavit of probable cause that is submitted to the court along with the request for the warrant. The allegations in the affidavit must show that there is some credible evidence indicating that drug crimes or other crimes are being committed. The affidavit must not rest on anonymous tips or unreliable sources.

Massachusetts man charged with drug crimes

As laws pertaining to drug crimes continue to be strictly enforced, convictions often lead to serious punishments. No matter how small the charges are, drug offenders must act to protect their legal rights and fight for their own best interest. Unfortunately, a Massachusetts man is now facing charges of drug crimes and the possibility of significant penalties if found guilty.

Massachusetts man charged with drug crimes

Illegal drugs are related to crime in many different ways, such as possession, manufacturing and distribution. Individuals found in possession of an illegal drug with the intent to sell could face devastating criminal penalties if found guilty. After a recent drug bust, a Massachusetts man may soon face these penalties should his drug crimes charges hold up in court.

Investigation leads to arrests and charges of drug crimes

The regulation of drug crimes in the United States is becoming more intense. Within the state of Massachusetts, law enforcements agencies are focusing in and enforcing the drug crimes of possession and manufacturing by pursuing criminal charges against high profile drug operations. In a recent drug bust, two individuals were arrested and are now facing serious charges of drug crimes.

Mandatory minimums for drug crimes could soon be in the past

The law can be an ever-changing entity, constantly being updated, changed and added to. Not only are new laws signed into effect and old ones repealed, but the consequences for existing laws are sometimes adjusted to more closely reflect current times. Some believe that Massachusetts is close to making a significant change -- eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for certain drug crimes.

Driver might face drug crimes charges for THC tea mixture

Criminal charges can have a profound impact on people's lives. Many defendants in Massachusetts feel uncertain about their future when facing charges for alleged drug crimes, which can result in severe consequences if convicted. These concerns likely extend to an out-of-state man, who was recently arrested after police suspected that he was under the influence of an illegal drug while behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

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