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Sharing parenting time between 2 households in Massachusetts

Trying to raise kids in two households can be challenging. Parenting time is important for both parents. But Massachusetts parents who are divorced are juggling many things, including schedules, while trying to help their kids adjust to living life in two different places and figuring out what that means for them. Kids may have to adapt to different rules in each place, different parenting styles and essentially different live in different places. There can be a lot of different's for kids of divorce.

What best interests of a child means in child custody situations

Parents who are divorcing often hear the phrase, "in the best interests of the child" when the courts refer to children of divorce. When looking at child custody options, a Massachusetts family court judge will always weigh in with decisions bearing that phrase in mind. But, what does it really mean for both parents and for their children? A judge will look at a number of factors when it comes to child custody.

Agreeing on a child custody agreement in Massachusetts

When divorcing parents work together for the benefit of their children, the positives may be many. When it comes to child custody agreements in Massachusetts, parents who can iron out the details without involving the courts may be saving themselves and their children a lot of stress, and also potentially saving a lot of money. When parents come up with their own custody plan to present to the court, it may also save time.

Family law judge always puts best interests of the child first

If you and your spouse have decided to get a divorce, you may have mixed emotions. On the one hand, you might feel relieved about finally splitting up with your spouse. On the other hand, you may feel nervous about what this will mean for you and your children.

Increasing the odds of a favorable child custody arrangement

In a contentious divorce, spouses often end up relinquishing a great deal of control to the courts. If divorcing spouses are unable to agree on the separation of their wealth or the need for spousal support, a judge may have to make those decisions based on formulas and an objective interpretation of the law.

Unusual child custody case sparks debate across the nation

Some Massachusetts readers are familiar with a custody battle involving the authority of tribal courts. The case centers on two parents who lost custody of their infant daughter before they were even able to take the child home from the hospital. The maternal grandmother, part of the Miccosukee tribe, gained child custody rights through a tribal court. There is no word on what grounds that decision was made, and the parents claim that they have not yet seen the legal documentation used to remove their infant. 

Determining child support in shared custody cases

Child support is important whether the parents share custody or not. Regardless of the custody agreement set in place, both parents share the responsibility of any financial obligations related to raising the child. Massachusetts parents with joint custody are advised to understand the court's decision process when determining any child support responsibilities.

When can child custody be modified?

Just because a divorce arrangement is marked "final" does not necessarily mean that changes cannot be made. There can be many reasons for modifications, particularly when it comes to child custody. Massachusetts parents who wish to modify the terms of their child custody agreement must meet specific rules and requirements before an order can be modified.

Ryan Dorsey, Naya Rivera reach temporary child custody agreement

For parents, there are few divorce matters quite as important as custody. Since reaching a child custody agreement is usually a priority, many Massachusetts parents reach an agreeable solution before their divorce is even finalized. Actress Naya Rivera and her soon-to-be ex-husband Ryan Dorsey recently handled their child custody matter in this way and agreed to a temporary arrangement while they continue to work out the details of their divorce.

Don't let alienation impact your child custody arrangement

Divorce is an understandably emotional process for everyone involved. Between ending a marriage, dealing with asset division and reaching a settlement everyone can agree on, it is easy to see how emotions can run high. This is especially true during child custody matters, when it can be easy for parents to forget that custody arrangements should focus on their child's best interests.

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