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Charged with marijuana possession?

The debate over the legality of marijuana is big right now in areas all across the country. In certain forms, it has proved to be a beneficial drug for certain medical issues. Then there are those individuals who just believe it's a harmless drug that they should be free to use at their leisure. What does the state of Massachusetts have to say about marijuana possession?

Here's how Facebook impacts family law cases

For Massachusetts spouses who are facing a divorce and have a Facebook account, it is highly likely that their social media will play a role in the case. Family law attorneys know that Facebook is a treasure trove of information that can be used to support a client's case. More and more often, social media is playing a pivotal role in divorce and child custody cases, a trend that is playing out across the nation. 

3 accused of drug crimes in Massachusetts

Facing criminal drug charges is a very serious matter. Three Massachusetts residents are currently accused of weapons and drug crimes after a recent sting operation by Springfield police. They face the possibility of serious punitive measures if they are convicted, including significant time spent behind bars. 

Unusual child custody case sparks debate across the nation

Some Massachusetts readers are familiar with a custody battle involving the authority of tribal courts. The case centers on two parents who lost custody of their infant daughter before they were even able to take the child home from the hospital. The maternal grandmother, part of the Miccosukee tribe, gained child custody rights through a tribal court. There is no word on what grounds that decision was made, and the parents claim that they have not yet seen the legal documentation used to remove their infant. 

Protecting your source of financial security during a divorce

Unlike other Massachusetts couples who work for an employer, you and your spouse may run a business together. Over the years, you may have felt that it was the two of you against the world as you got your venture off the ground. You may have achieved a comfortable level of success and felt that you would enjoy a secure financial future.

Search warrant for drug crimes will issue upon probable cause

The police in Massachusetts must have probable cause to obtain a search warrant to search for drugs in someone's residence. The main investigating officer will usually fill out an affidavit of probable cause that is submitted to the court along with the request for the warrant. The allegations in the affidavit must show that there is some credible evidence indicating that drug crimes or other crimes are being committed. The affidavit must not rest on anonymous tips or unreliable sources.

Planning for divorce can help secure finances

When couples decide to marry, one of the furthest things from their minds is the end of the marriage. However, recent statistics show that up to half of all marriages in Massachusetts and across the country end in divorce. No one wants to plan for a marriage to fail, but these statistics alone show that planning for divorce is not only smart, but recommended, especially with finances.

Certain steps must be taken once divorce is finalized

Although going through a marital breakup in Massachusetts can certainly be challenging, reaching the end of process may be just as challenging, if not more. Why? An overwhelming feeling about the future can quickly settle once the months of divorce-related anger, frustration, heartache, deadlines, paperwork and negotiation are over. However, a few tips may help with navigating life following a divorce.

Who pays spousal support

In many divorce cases, one of the partners will more than likely ask for alimony, or spousal support, after the ending of a marriage. Depending on each spouse's individual earnings, the primary breadwinner of the family will more than likely be liable for spousal support to the other. Whatever the case may be, Massachusetts spouses going through a divorce are advised to understand exactly how spousal support is determined by the courts.

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