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What does tax reform mean for the future of alimony?

When Massachusetts couples divorce, one of the main concerns on both sides is money. Finances and child custody are the two most hotly contested issues when a marriage is over, and couples often worry about their security and stability after the process is final. One of the specific financial issues that affect some couples is spousal support.

Investigation leads to arrests and charges of drug crimes

The regulation of drug crimes in the United States is becoming more intense. Within the state of Massachusetts, law enforcements agencies are focusing in and enforcing the drug crimes of possession and manufacturing by pursuing criminal charges against high profile drug operations. In a recent drug bust, two individuals were arrested and are now facing serious charges of drug crimes.

When can child custody be modified?

Just because a divorce arrangement is marked "final" does not necessarily mean that changes cannot be made. There can be many reasons for modifications, particularly when it comes to child custody. Massachusetts parents who wish to modify the terms of their child custody agreement must meet specific rules and requirements before an order can be modified.

Marital assets subject to equitable distribution in Massachusetts

Couples may not realize just how many assets they have accumulated over the years until they are faced with dividing up property during a divorce. This includes everything from furniture and the family home to investments and retirement accounts. However, asset division is different than simply cleaving marital property in two and walking away with an equal share. Instead, people can expect to receive their share of an equitable distribution of their marital assets.

Truck drivers must meet a higher standard in DUI cases

Whether you wanted to see the country or make short trips within Massachusetts in order to be home every night, your love of driving may have drawn you to numerous professions that allow you to indulge that passion. You obtained a commercial driver's license, and now, being behind the wheel most of your workday is a way of life for you.

Multi-vehicle wreck leads to OUI charges

An accident from which the driver responsible tried to fee has led to the recent arrest of a Massachusetts man. Police filed multiple OUI charges against the driver believed to be responsible for striking multiple vehicles while under the influence of alcohol. The driver was not injured in the wreck.

Ryan Dorsey, Naya Rivera reach temporary child custody agreement

For parents, there are few divorce matters quite as important as custody. Since reaching a child custody agreement is usually a priority, many Massachusetts parents reach an agreeable solution before their divorce is even finalized. Actress Naya Rivera and her soon-to-be ex-husband Ryan Dorsey recently handled their child custody matter in this way and agreed to a temporary arrangement while they continue to work out the details of their divorce.

Don't let alienation impact your child custody arrangement

Divorce is an understandably emotional process for everyone involved. Between ending a marriage, dealing with asset division and reaching a settlement everyone can agree on, it is easy to see how emotions can run high. This is especially true during child custody matters, when it can be easy for parents to forget that custody arrangements should focus on their child's best interests.

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