When asked about the most stressful and difficult time in their lives, people often say, "My divorce."

Few events cause so much upheaval and uncertainty, or carry so much risk. Your money, your children and your future all depend on the outcome.

At Burke Levy, P.C., in Leominster, Massachusetts, we understand what you are going through. More importantly, we know how to help you get what you need. Attorneys Patrick K. Burke and Andrea Levy work together on every case, providing clients with the combined benefit of our experience and resources. We leverage our strengths to pursue the best outcome on behalf of our clients.

Divorce And Child Custody Lawyer Serving Fitchburg And All Of Worcester And Middlesex Counties

We help our clients solve divorce-related problems involving:

  • Uncontested and contested divorces. When divorcing spouses are willing to settle their asset and child-related issues out of court, we help our clients to broker settlement agreements. However, when spouses cannot agree on important issues, we provide aggressive representation in court.
  • Property division/debt division. During a marriage, spouses naturally accumulate money, property and debts. As part of our divorce services, we help clients to identify the assets and debts from the marriage and separate them from ones acquired outside of the marriage.
  • Alimony. In Massachusetts, spousal support is determined by the length of a marriage and each spouse's comparative ages, earnings, educational levels and work histories. If alimony is an issue in your divorce, we can help you to set the right amount for your situation.
  • Child custody and support. We help divorcing couples and unmarried parents to identify their goals for child custody and child support and then pursue those arrangements in negotiations or in court.
  • Modifications and contempt. When an ex-spouse's financial or personal circumstances change significantly, it is possible to modify the terms of the divorce decree. When an ex-spouse fails to meet obligations defined in the decree, he or she can be held in contempt of court and face serious penalties. We can represent your best interests in a modification petition or in a contempt of court action.

Retain our law firm, and we will alleviate your stress by counseling you and being available to you while protecting your rights.

You Have Too Much To Lose Not To Hire A Divorce Attorney

It is important that you retain our experienced and knowledgeable attorney for your divorce or related matter. Why? Without skilled representation, you could lose child custody and visitation rights, important marital assets that you are entitled to.

Our experienced Leominster divorce lawyers, Patrick Burke and Andrea Levy, can help you by assessing your custody issues, assess the conduct of the parties during the course of the marriage, the duration of the marriage, whether or not an individual will be entitled to pay or receive alimony, division of marital assets. He can help you develop a plan to secure the best result in the divorce, custody arrangement and division of assets.

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