Repeat OUI/DUI Offenders Need Experienced Legal Guidance

If you have a previous conviction on your record for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence (OUI/DUI), you may quickly find yourself facing steep penalties if the police ever arrest you a second time for the same offense. In fact, a Massachusetts law known as Melanie's Law greatly increases the penalties for repeat OUI/DUI offenders and those who refuse chemical testing, particularly if they are involved in an accident in which someone is injured.

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Penalties For Repeat Offenders

There are many harsh penalties you may face following a second OUI/DUI in Massachusetts, including:

  • Jail time ranging from 60 days to two and a half years, although the sentence can be reduced to 30 days in certain situations
  • Fine ranging from $600 to $10,000
  • License revocation of two years, although you may be able to seek a hardship license after one year
  • Installation of ignition interlock device (IID) on your vehicle after your license is reinstated or when you obtain a hardship license, although, in either case, it must remain on your vehicle for two years after your license is fully reinstated

Lifetime Look-Back Period

Importantly, Massachusetts uses a lifetime look-back period for determining whether or not you are a repeat OUI/DUI offender under the law ― meaning you are repeat offender if you have a previous drunk driving conviction at any time, in any location, even in other jurisdictions. While many other states limit their look-back periods to a set number of years, that is simply not the case in Massachusetts. Therefore, even if you have a very old OUI/DUI conviction, you will still face increased penalties years later for a second offense. This is just one more reason why you need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.