Family Law

The decision to end a marriage comes at a price - a mountain of financial detail, numerous emotional pressures and the potential negative impact of divorce on children.

If this situation describes what you are going through, as you prepare for your new life, the guidance and support of a skilled family law attorney can give you a clearer view of your brighter future.

Patrick K. Burke uses his almost 20 years of experience as a lawyer - and quality, compassionate representation - to guide individuals, couples and family clients through the often complex, confusing legal process and the difficult times ahead.

The Patrick K. Burke, Attorney at Law, law firm represents individuals, couples and families - clients from all walks of life in Leominster, Westborough and Worcester and Middlesex Counties, and potentially statewide in Massachusetts. Contact us today to secure a free initial consultation.

Creative, Compassionate, Experienced - Leominster Family Law Attorney Patrick K. Burke

As your lawyer, Mr. Burke safeguards your interests, and your emotional and financial investments in your marriage, with sound guidance in these practice areas:

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